Shantanu narayana is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe Systems Inc., a U.S. $7.3 billion software pioneering outfit, with a vastly diversified product portfolio.


Mr. Narayen experienced childhood in Hyderabad where his dad was a business person in the field of plastics, while his mom showed American Literature. He was educated at Hyderabad Public School. Suprisingly , for somebody who is today one of the most regarded business pioneers, he at first needed to be in news-casting. Be that as it may, in yielding to his folks wishes, he took a degree in electrical designing from Osmania University in Hyderabad. Afterward, he acquired his Masters in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University and took a MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1993.

Mr Narayen began his profession at Apple Inc. He served in a few senior administration position at Apple before doing a spell at Silicon Graphics Inc., as overseer of work area and cooperation items.

He then helped to establish Pictra Inc., an early pioneer in advanced picture sharing over the Internet. It was his fruitless endeavor to offer Pictra to Adobe Systems in the last part of the 1990s that grabbed the eye of Bruce Chizen, Adobe’s ostentatious boss at that point. He was recruited in 1998, denoting the start of a profoundly fruitful vocation.


Mr Narayen’s serious drive to situate Adobe as the dominating power in the following development of online media misrepresents his relaxed character and style, a checked differentiation to the bluster of Bruce Chizen, his predecessor. His ascent to the top in Adobe is an investigation in the benefits of agreement the executives.

In 2002, Mr Narayen was accountable for designing in Adobe; he never truly seemed to be a pitchman. Howeven, that didn’t prevent him from influencing Mr Chizen to rejig commissions for new items. Business programming deals climbed drastically up by 42 % in 2003. Mr Chizen was appropriately intrigued: “He was continually pushing me, however in the background.”


Impressing everybody with his astounding enthusiasm and nature of work, Mr Narayen was elevated to President and Chief Operating Officer in January 2005. He reported his appearance with Adobe’s biggest actually bargain, the U.S.$3.4 billion Macromedia securing, growing Adobe’s product stage and arrangements , and fortifying the organization’s essence in key business sectors running from undertakings and vertical enterprises to cell phones and media distributing. This additionally implied he needed to battle with an adversary replacement to Mr Chizen in Macromedia’s Chief Executive, Stephen Elop, who accompanied the securing.

For a year Mr Narayen was approached to zero in additional on items, while Mr Elop ran deals, successfully dividing the President’s activity into equal parts. Nonetheless, Mr Narayen’s fate was never truly in question, for as Mr Narayen’s predetermination was never truly in question, for as Mr Chizen put it, “Adobe has generally been controlled side-effect individuals.” In December 2007, Mr Narayen was selected CEO of Adobe Systems.


Possibly the single most important development since Mr Narayen took over the reins is Adobe’s entry into the online advertising business. Recognizing that the market for ‘rich media advertising’ (including video, animation and other embedded ads) is set to explode in the near future, he landed deals with major media houses such as CBS, Viacom, and PBS to play their shows over the Adobe Media Player. This plays like a digital video recorder, with pause, rewind and save functions for easy playback.

Ads played alongside these shows, on the Adobe Media Player, fetched Adobe a healthy 5% to 20% of the advertising revenue, leading Mr Narayen to predict that within four years, ad revenue could contribute up to 15% of his total revenue. With millions of Adobe Flash users being constantly prompted to download the Media Player, Mr Narayen is virtually changing the face of the Web.


Mr Narayen has driven Adobe through the current worldwide financial emergency by being straightforward to his kin about the regularly agonizing estimates that the organization has needed to take. More importantly,he had the option to capably convey and support the vision that he had for the organization and its kin. Adobe’s workers have reacted incredibly, which itself says a lot for Mr Narayen’s administration aptitudes.

Forbes magazine perceived Mr Narayen’s achievements by positioning him sixteenth in its rundown of “25 Top Gun CEO’s” for 2009 who kept their organizations flourishing notwithstanding the profound downturn. About Mr Narayen, Forbes said that he has been in the business for quite a while and “consistently has a solid feeling of what the following key advances are regarding situating the organization”.

In the very year, Mr Narayen drove the U.S.$1.8 billion obtaining of Omniture, Inc., extending Adobe’s capacity to assist clients with estimating and upgrade the estimation of online encounters, substance and applications.


Mr Narayen holds 5 licenses and is a regular speaker at different industry and scholastic occasions. Earlier served on the Board of Dell,Inc. also, Metavante Technologies,Inc. He additionally serves on the Board of Pfizer, Inc. furthermore, the Advisory Board of the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeey, and is leader of the leading body of the Adobe Foundation, which supports charitable activities around the globe. Regardless of his undeniable achievements, Shantanu Narayen, who is profoundly enthusiastic about innovation, stays an unassuming, rational individual who adores golf and his Labrador canines.

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