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Can-Asia Immigration Consultants Charged with immigration fraud

An Indo-Canadian husband-wife team of immigrations consultants have been charged with 69 counts under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, following an investigation by the Canada Border Services Agency into alleged fraud.

Rupinder “Ron” Batth and Navdeep Batth, both 51, who ran Can-Asia Immigration, were charged in early September. All but 15 of the counts have been filed against Rupinder Batth.

Can-Asia offices were raided by Canadian Border Services Agency a few years ago. The raid was caught on camera by people at their old offices in Payal Business Centre. There had been much speculation that the Batths were going to be hit with many charges, exactly what happened now.
Batths’ alleged offences took place between October 2014 and November 2018 and revolve around work the two Langley, B.C., residents carried out at the Can-Asia Immigration Consulting company where they were directors.

The Can-Asia office at the Payal Business Centre in Surrey was the site of a CBSA raid in 2017. The office is now occupied by a different immigration consulting company, and while Can-Asia’s website remains online, there’s no B.C. location listed, reported CBC News.
The charges against Batths include:

18 counts of counselling or attempting to counsel misrepresentation or helping people misrepresent facts related to their immigration.

50 counts of knowingly misrepresenting or withholding facts that can induce error in administration.

1 count of communicating false information with regard to someone’s immigration.

The pair’s first court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 13 at Surrey Provincial Court.

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