By the start of 2011, sula wines had progressed significantly since its modest beginnings as a little enterprising winery in the juvenile wine part in India. Sula Wines was the brainchild of Rajeev Samant, the offbeat business person who utilized unusual business methodologies to turn into an accomplishment in a mostly secret part.

Rajeev Samant was born and raised in Mumbai. He had a place with a working class family and lived in Carmichael House on Carmichael Road. A portion of his fondest cherished recollections are cycling here and there Carmichael Road.

He concentrated in Cathedral School from class one to class twelve. He was a decent understudy and with his folks consolation, he gave the SAT test to go to the US for higher contemplated. In the wake of passing his twelve standard board exam, he went to Stanford University in California. There he finished his graduation in economics and afterward changed tracks to complete an experts degree in Industrial engineering.

Rajeev profoundly values the time he spent at Stanford. He says, ‘It resembled heaven. The individuals were extraordinary; a Noble Prize champ here, an Olympic here. It truly made you need to succeed.’

In the wake of finishing his masters in 1990, Rajeev joined Oracle. Inside a year he was advanced as an account administrator at the organization central command in San Francisco. He was one of the most youthful money administrators in Oracle. He was content with his life; comfortable work, decent vehicle, incredible level. San Francisco was a gathering town and he was out celebrating three four times each week. He cherished the outside and kept himself occupied with climbing, mountain biking, swimming, and so forth.

Around this time he began feeling exhausted and awkward with his life. He needed to return to India. He was missing home. Around a similar time, the enterprising bug bit him and in 1992, he quit his place of employment at Oracle to wander out all alone. He realized bug bit him and in 1992, he quit his place of employment at Oracle to wander out his own. He realized that he needed to be a business visionary however he didn’t know precisely what business to that he needed to be a business visionary yet he didn’t know precisely what business to begin. He went on an extended vacation, visited different spots the world over and following a time of broad voyaging, he made a beeline for Mumbai.

A possibility excursion to his local town close Nashik gave him a marvelous chance. The Samant family claimed a 30 section of land fix on the banks of the Godavari stream and Rajeev needed to accomplish something on that land. In 1993, he began developing Alphonso mangoes on that fix. For various reasons, that adventure didn’t take off as wanted.


Nashik was India’s biggest grape developing area and Rajeev chose to take the path of least resistance and began developing table grapes. One fine day, he began contemplating wandering into wine grapes. Rajeev had come into contact with this industry during his days at Stanford University, which was extremely near the prime wine creating regions of California like the Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

Business wine grape development had begun in India in the 80’s . Grover wines had begun in 1981 and Indage had begun in 1982. Wine making was still in its outset in India and the nearby market was miniscule. Almost no wine was being brought into India and the nearby liquor based drinks industry was overwhelmed by any semblance of whisky, rum and lager.


Regardless of being the essential grape creating locale in India, no wine grapes were developed in Nashik. Rajeev began by deductively examining the climatic information from a grape developing perspective. He understood that there were a ton of similitudes among Nashik and Sonama. This was urging and Rajeev chose to work further on his thought.

Having a passing enthusiasm for wine making is a certain something however Rajeev was positively not in fact prepared to deal with the complexities of developing grapes and making wine from it. So he returned to California and found Kerry Damskey, one of the famous wine-producers of the area. Rajeev persuaded Kerry to go along with him as a specialist and assist him with building a winery in Nashik. Hence, Sula Wines was born in 1997.

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