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The worst of COVID-19 is yet to come, many Canadians say

VANCOUVER, September 30 (Sukh Sharma) Infection rates are spiking when it comes to COVID 19, and so is our anxiety.
According to the Angus Reid Institute, Canadians are stressing out about catching the coronavirus, “reaching peaks not seen since the spring.”
Seventy per cent of Canadians say they’re worried about contracting COVID-19 now, up from 46 per cent about four months ago.
Of the people surveyed who are over 54 years of age, 35 per cent tell Angus Reid they’re “very concerned” about getting sick.
The data finds two-thirds of people across the country believe the worst of the health impacts from COVID-19 are yet to come, which is in stark contrast to June, when about the same number of people felt the worst was over.
Mental health improvements
There is a bit of a positive in the latest survey, however.
The Angus Reid Institute has found that most Canadians have been reporting good or great mental health in the last few weeks, with three quarters saying so.
However, those under 35 appear to be faring worse, with about a third saying they are struggling.
Women between the ages of 35 and 54 also appear to be struggling, with 34 per cent of respondents in this category describing their mental health as “bad” and four per cent saying it is “terrible.” This demographic, the pollster points out, is the most likely to be caring for others.

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